PTI certification weeks for 2023

PTI has two certification weeks planned for 2023

Phoenix Certification Week

September 11-15, 2023
Embassy Suites by Hilton Scottsdale Resort

Austin Certification Week
November 12-18, 2023

Commons Conference Center
10100 Burnet Road, Bldg 137
Austin, TX 78758

PT Tech will be the instructor for both of those certification weeks, for the level 1-2 unbonded installer and inspector and also for the Repair, Rehabilitation and Strengthening level 1-2 certification.

Those two classes run back to back, Monday through Wednesday for the installer / inspector class and Thursday-Friday for the repair class. We recommend going to both classes the same week as this makes it easier to remember all the information required for the repair class (PTI most advanced certification to date). Note also that during PTI certification weeks, there is a field demonstration on day three of the level 1-2 unbonded class.

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