ACI 320

There is a new upcoming code: the joint ACI-PTI Committee 320, Post-Tensioned Structural Concrete Code

This new committee was formed in 2020 and will make it much easier for the PT community to find all code requirements related to PT design and installation.

American Concrete Institute and Post-Tensioning Institute Announce Expanded Partnership

ACI 318-25 will continue to have all code information for PT design.  The first edition of ACI 320 in 2025 will have everything the ACI 318 has related to PT design plus some additional information on specialty PT design.  It will go into more detail on anchorage zones and perhaps clean up some confusing language in ACI 318.  But ACI 318 will reference ACI 320 as a dependent code (similar to what is currently in effect for ACI 301 and ACI 423.7) – ACI 320 is not intended to be stand-alone.  In future editions, the goal is to removed most of PT items from ACI 318 and move them to ACI 320.

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