2024 PTI convention is a wrap!

I officially left the Chair of the Repair / rehabilitation / strengthening certification committee (CRT-60) and became the new chair of the material committee for unbonded tendons: M-10

Tom Pfeifer with Uzun+Case is the new vice chair, and I cannot wait to work with Tom on the much needed updates for the various M-10 publications.

Congratulations to Michael Kernan with Vector Construction for his new position as Chair of CT-60, assisted by Bobby Irvin with Strengthening Technologies as Secretary.

I also participated in the CRT-30, unbonded PT personnel certification committee, where we are putting together the future of the field certification program, under the Chair of Jack Graves.

The repair, rehabilitation and strengthening design committee, DC-80, has approved a new FAQ document I prepared on the historic dimensional changes in the anchorages, wedges and strands for the 0.5” diameter unbonded tendons.

And finally, this was my last Certification Advisory Board (CRT-140 or CAB) meeting, as I move on to the technical side of the committees.

Next year PTI committee days with in my sunny state of Arizona, in Phoenix!

See you all there.

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