Fabrice Brugere

Owner of PT Tech, LLC, a Post-Tension consulting company specializing in training and technical support.

Holds an Engineering degree from ESTP, Paris in construction.

In 1991, Fabrice started working on soil consolidations and tie back anchors projects in France. In 1995, he worked as operations manager for VSL Corporation in the US, mainly in multi strand projects.

In 2003, after relocation to the West Coast, Fabrice focused more on the unbonded single strand projects.

Fabrice started to be involved with PTI in 2016, and rapidly became a PTI field certification instructor for all unbonded classes.

Fabrice is currently a PTI member – Chair of the unbonded PT repair, rehabilitation & strengthening personnel certification (CRT-60)  –  Member of the Certification Advisory Board (CAB).

He also holds several PTI field certifications:

  • Unbonded PT Inspector: Level 2

  • Slab-on-Ground Inspector: Level 2

  • Unbonded PT Repair Specialist: Level 2

  • Unbonded PT Installation: Level 1

  • Multistrand & Grouted PT Inspector: Level 1

  • Multistrand & Grouted PT Installation: Level 1


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