Post-Tensioning Consulting

Technical assistance, Repair & training

We provide Post-tension technical assistance and training for any unbonded pt project, from early estimating and value engineering to troubleshooting and full resolution of job site issues.

Post-tensioning Consulting

Post-tensioning Experts

Fabrice BRUGERE, unbonded Post Tension consultant. PTI field certified.

What does it mean to be PTI field certified?

PTI offers various field certifications which provide the basic knowledge of how Post Tension works and keep you up to date with the most recent code evolution and industry changes. Most of them are also REQUIRED by the code. Those are not a training class.

Does PT Tech perform repairs?

We are not a contractor. If the repair is small in scope (broken strand; hang-up jack; coupler installation), we have the tools to train your personnel on site. If the repair is large, we provide first evaluation with analysis and can recommend specialty contractors to execute the work.

Does PT Tech provide services in all states?

Yes, we travel anywhere in the US and even abroad, as needed.

Post-Tensioning News, Events & Articles

Since it’s conception by Eugene Freyssinet in 1933, post-tensioning in general – and unbonded single strand post-tension in particular – has been in constant evolution. Below are some links and articles to help you stay in touch 

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